A Beautiful Car Rental App and well crafted React Native StarterKit
This is an expo App with CRNA, Native Base, React Navigation, Redux, Redux-Thunk and with backend(fake) interaction using AxiosJS. It combines the best React-Native development practices and pattern to helps you boot a new React Native mobile application and stay productive by providing the development and automation tools needed for the most common tasks.


    Power-packed with Redux, Redux-Thunk, Native Base and React Navigation
    Integrated with CRNA and Expo
    OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication and JWT token management Using Expo AuthSession
    Full interaction with a Backend API (fake) using AxiosJs And Redux middleware to add JWT Access Token to each api request
    Awesome theme and beautiful screens
    A shared React and React Native structure and code base for both IOS and Android
    Code Linting
    Test and coverage, using Jest and Enzyme
    Easy Routing and Navigation using React Navigation


Last modified 2yr ago
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