A Beautiful Car Rental App and well crafted React Native StarterKit

This is an expo App with CRNA, Native Base, React Navigation, Redux, Redux-Thunk and with backend(fake) interaction using AxiosJS. It combines the best React-Native development practices and pattern to helps you boot a new React Native mobile application and stay productive by providing the development and automation tools needed for the most common tasks.


  • Integrated with CRNA and Expo

  • OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication and JWT token management Using Expo AuthSession

  • Full interaction with a Backend API (fake) using AxiosJs And Redux middleware to add JWT Access Token to each api request

  • Awesome theme and beautiful screens

  • A shared React and React Native structure and code base for both IOS and Android

  • Code Linting

  • Test and coverage, using Jest and Enzyme

  • Easy Routing and Navigation using React Navigation


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